Dempsey And Maggie

Sorry guys, the voice-over is way behind the pictures. Not quite sure where we screwed up there… but…

This is the scene of Melanie's death: the event and the aftermath. We analyzed the imagery in this segment of the film as analogous to the death of the old south and its ideals. We identified the color white- in Melanie's dress, in the glove that Ashley mourns, and in the house of this traditional southern couple- as symbolic of innocence, purity, civility, and simplicity. We contrasted Scarlett and Rhett, hidden in shadows and, at the end of our vodcast, silloutted against the foggy sky, as well as their gaudy and dark mansion- a vision of the "new" south and "new" money in the economy of carpetbaggers and traitors. Also, when Scarlett wakes up to her beloved Ashley being no more than a dream, Melanie dies, and Scarlett runs off after Rhett, we read the fog (through which she runs) as symbolic of the uncertain path going into the new era of Reconstruction.

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