Mississippi Region Research Project


Mississippi River Region Map project and Research

Use your iPad to explore the Mississippi Region on Google Earth. Then use both Google Earth and the links below to research the following questions. Use this blank map to respond to questions 1 and 2, and answer the rest of the questions in the blank space on the right hand side of the map page. Make all of your notes on the map. (You may use iAnnotate or WhiteboardHD or any other app that will let you draw and type on your map, or you can print it out and draw/write on it by hand).

Imagine it’s around 1850…

1. Mark all of the states shown on the map.

2. Mark the Mississippi River and the two other major rivers of the Midwest.

3. Why was the Mississippi River important economically?

CHOOSE ONE STATE that borders the Mississippi River:

4. Write if the state is slave or free. If a free state, in what year did it become a free state, and under what circumstances?

5. What is the population of the state around 1855? If it is a slave state, what is the population of slaves? What is the population of free African Americans?

6. How would you characterize attitudes toward slavery in the state you’ve chosen? (remember it is around 1855) Is it a free state in which residents were sympathetic to slaveowners, or were the majority of citizens against slavery? Is this a slave state in which many slaveowners viewed their slaves as inferior members of their family, or one that practiced slavery with particular brutality and cruelty?

7. Come to class ready to address the following question:
Taking into account all you have just learned about this river and this region, in what ways is the Mississippi River an significant and appropriate setting for “the great American novel”?

CITATIONS: Cut and paste URLs of sites you use into a Pages or iA Writer or Whiteboard so that you may refer back to them.

RESOURCES (not in any order)

Google Earth (on your ipads)

Digital Map and Timeline of American History

Timeline of 19th century American History

University of Houston: Digital History Project

The Political Economy of Slavery: data and analysis from the 1850 census

Encylopedia Brittanica

Sojourner Truth Website

Furman University: 19th-Century Documents Collection

The African American Experience in Ohio 1850-1920

Library of Congress: African American Odyssey

Harper's Weekly: Slavery Timeline

Historical Census Statistics on Population Totals By Race, 1790 to 1990

Library of Congress: Slavery and the Courts

Digital Library on American Slavery

American History Online

Possible Search Terms:
Mississippi River
State Names and River Names
Slavery in Louisiana (or Slavery in Arkansas, etc)

Be Curious. Explore!

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